The 8" New Weedless Hudd - A few ins and outs

The 8" New Weedless Hudd - A few ins and outs

The 8" New Weedless Hudd – A few Ins and Outs

Not only have I been waiting for a bait that can get me into the “nasty stuff” but I’ve always wanted a bait with a slow rate of fall AND a jig hook. At last we have the 8” Weedless Huddleston Deluxe! It’s available in 2 rates of fall – ROF 5 and 12, has a jig hook, and it’s WEEDLESS! By now many of you have had to opportunity to fish your new 8” Weedless Hudds. One thing for sure is you can fish them through cover like a champ. I hope others are as stoked as I am when they fish these new baits! The original Huddleston Deluxe baits have proven time and time again to produce the BEST catches over 10lbs for me, including teens. Now the new 8” Weedless Hudds are proving to be just as valuable in my fishing arsenal. Not only am I catching trophy Large Mouth (up to 12.9lbs) but now Spotted Bass (up to 8.8lbs) as well on the new weedless bait…. and I have it on video! Without an exposed hook, it seems that even big spots have no trouble taking down this bait. For those of you who feel the fish in your waters are “hook shy”, this is the answer. Nothing is more stealth than a bait with no hook showing.

Depending on the when, where, and how of the day the bass may be out in the open away from cover or moving out from cover to hit a bait. On those days when the bass are holding tight to cover, if you don’t get your bait all up in it you just won’t get hit. These new baits EXCEL in cover!

When the bite is ON it's hard to do anything wrong! Fish will move out of cover to hit a faster or slower moving bait. When the bite is slow, try slow rolling your Weedless Hudd up to the cover. As the bait comes in contact with the cover stop your retrieve. Keep pressure so the bait doesn’t hang down to much in a vertical position. You want to try and keep it as horizontal as much as possible with pressure. As the bait moves over the cover it will turn on its side and cause a “flash” of the side of the bait. It looks pretty cool like a fish struggling to swim. At times when fishing clear water you will see this flash occur. I encourage you to try this out on shallow cover so you can see for yourself how the bait reacts to the cover.

Great catch on  8" Weedless from Don Moorman Don Moorman Catching fish on a huddleston deluxe

When hanging the bait on cover with a pause, you will still be able to feel a hit, if it occurs. The idea here is just like “Dead Sticking” your bait. You are now trying to call a bass to the bait to at least take a look. Sometimes you will get hit when the bait is stopped or paused on cover but almost all hits will occur just after you pop or slide the bait free. BE READY at all times! In fact, “being ready” is key from the moment your bait hits the water. Always be ready, you are fishing for a fish of a life time!

Some like to feel pressure before they set the hook (to each their own). I hit as quick as I can. I don't care what rig you have your Hudds on, you will always miss a few hits here and there. (I just say to myself, that was a little one and that's NOT what I'm looking for anyway LOL!)

Here is the tough part. Some have cut their stock jig hooks off their original Hudds to place a treble hook on the head or close to the head. I can see where some may have trouble in gaining confidence in these baits, I mean after all the Jig hook used to get replaced to gain confidence. That is something some will have to work on for themselves. For me the jig hook got bit more in my waters and I always felt that you have to get hit to ever stand a chance of setting the hook. So for me it was not an issue when getting these baits. If I can do it, so can you. Also those using head hooks and other rigs have been able to get away with a rod with more flex. I don't think you will hook up as well without the right rod. My rod of choice is an LDC XXH or XH Custom. I prefer the XXH – it’s about as stout as it gets. The reason for a VERY stout rod is to make sure you set the hook good, just in case it has to go through some plastic (that can happen).

When fishing these baits you’re targeting the bigger fish in your waterways, trophy or not. If you are looking for a PB fish or limit this bait can and has gotten it done! For those trophy hunters out there you know that you’re not looking for many hits but THE hit of the day!

A few words about keeping your new Weedless Hudds in good shape…and on your rod. If you are fishing in places that don’t have cover, I recommend using the Original Huddleston Deluxe baits. The new Weedless Hudd has a little different nose and walking it on the bottom will tear up your bait. Another thing to be warned about is because you will have more confidence in casting your new Weedless Hudds in and around cover; you may get hung up on cover that is sticking up out of the water. If the bait doesn’t come free easily, don’t keep trying to pop it off. It will also tear up your bait. Lastly, frequently checking your line and retying as necessary is a must if you don’t want to cast off a bait. I know many of you use braid (to each their own). I’ve never had the need. In general, the big fish to tend come right up to the surface and stay there.

Good luck fishing bait knocker free. However rock wedges can eat ANY bait. Have fun, fish slow and enjoy catching the fish you’ve been dreaming about.

Don Moorman.

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