Nice Huddle Bug Fish

This fish was caught prespawn & was full of eggs & crawfish. She was on a shallow flat area in 4ft of water. Water clarity was maybe a foot, Water temp was 62deg that day around 2:30 or so and the Moon was 2 days from full. 7ft shimano clarus rod, us reel, 6lb fluorocarbon [sunline sniper]. Green pumpkin huddlebug with a touch of orange spike it on the claws. Kicknbass crawfish scent/attractant.

I made the long cast to the shoreline & let the bait drop. Then just stitched it across a quarter of an inch at a time. After a few feet, the bait wouldn’t move, I thought I was stuck on a rock, so I went to pop it off the rock & SHE WAS ON IT! I reeled down & swept the rod and pretty much let that fish do whatever she wanted for the next 3 minutes. She jumped twice & dove under the boat. When she came up on her side, She got scooped too fast for words to describe.. As I leaned over the gunnel to look in the net, I saw my huddbug & hook stuck in the side of the net! Thats right, the hook just fell outta her mouth. I got real lucky. She puked up a few bugs in the livewell that matched your huddlebugs exactly. A few pics later she was released to lose those few extra pounds of eggs she was carrying. Her name is Gloria & I will see her again next spring.

Victor Cunningham

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